“Risotto” with pumkin and “Stafforella”*


pagina-48Dice the pumpkin flesh (800 g). Chop a shallot and brown it in a pot, with extra virgin olive oil (a spoon) and butter (25 g). As soon as the onion gets coloured, add the pumpkin flesh, mix and cook it at low heat for a few minutes. Now you can add “Carnaroli” rice (300 g) and toast it on a high gas. Pour a spoonful of vegetable broth and stir the rice till it has absorbed almost all the broth; go on cooking by adding now and again more broth till ready. Finally add butter (25 g), grated Grana cheese (two spoonfuls) and diced “Stafforella”*(100 g) till the mixture is creamy.

pagina-49*“Stafforella” is a De.C.O. cheese from the Staffora Valley produced in Rivanazzano Terme (Pv) by Flli Cavanna according to a traditional recipe dating back to 1952 when the dairy was founded by the same family in the village of Casanova di Destra in the Upper Staffora Valley (www.caseificiocavanna.it)


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